Another perk of farming: take care of your chefs, and they'll take care of you. I've already mentioned how we all got $50 gift cards to a gastropub that stocks our produce in their kitchen, courtesy of the owner. Today, we traded garlic scapes in exchange for top-quality house-made charcuterie from a local delicatessen. The video posted below is one that I took of Pinot, a Tuscan transplant in the fresh pasta business. He'd been selling his pasta at the farmer's market and through other outlets, but has just recently opened a small restaurant just down the street from one of our farm properties. We had been doing CSA prep when Brian came in and said that we were going to take lunch down the road; we had no idea what was going on, but the prospect of free food and the mention of wine was enough to have us on board. Turns out it was Pinot's opening day, and as a token of his appreciation (Brian is growing a few things with him specifically in mind) he served us wine, fresh caprese salad, roasted peppers with olives, and the best lasagna I've had in my entire life (made with his homemade lasagna noodles, of course). So dangerously delicious.

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