Let's sit in my car and drink coffee together. We just pulled up and put it into park, and were about to open our doors… until a bee flew into my open window, and landed on my finger. We realized how perfect it is outside right now, the ideal autumn day- cool and sunny with a crisp breeze, and the view from our seats is beautiful. It's cozy in the car. Why should we sit in the house, surrounded by the same dumb objects that we're always looking at? Sure we could sit on the porch, but when I'm sitting outside, everything expands for me; I'm taken away from the person and towards the horizon. I fill any space that I'm in, and the larger it is the more thinly I'm spread. In my car, we can take the time to admire a pretty little piece of the property that is always bypassed, that's never appreciated in the rush of coming and going. We can soak in each other's vibes. Sip, look around, and talk. When the doors open, we'll be thrown back into our usual world; but in the car, we'll be in our own little bubble. 

Too bad it's just me and the bee, and she's already flown back out the window.